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The Sting
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The Sting
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Episode 65
Season 4
Written By Patric M. Verrone
Directed By Brian Sheesley
First Aired June 1, 2003

[edit] Plot

Professor Farnsworth is reluctant to send the crew on their next mission, to collect honey from giant space bees, as it was the mission which killed his previous crew. Though Bender and Fry are relieved at this news, Leela takes offense and drags them along.
Golf: The sport of robots.
At the hive, Leela paints Bender like a bee to distract the other bees while she and Fry collect the honey safely. The crew discover the remains of the previous Planet Express crew and ship in the hive, but Leela insists that they press on. After gathering the honey, Leela decides to bring home a baby queen bee and some royal jelly in order to make more honey. On the way out, Bender inadvertently insults the hive's queen, causing the bees to attack. The crew manage to escape, but in the ship the baby queen awakens and attacks the crew. Fry throws himself in front of Leela to protect her.
It's not a party until somebody is set on fire.
Fry is impaled by the bee's stinger and Leela is only pricked by the tip of it. Bender disposes of the bee and Leela awakens with a minor wound on her body, and sees Fry lying dead on the floor.

At Fry's funeral, each of the women he slept with (Michelle, his ex girlfriend from 1000 years prior, Morgan Proctor, an Amazonian woman) are in attendance, though they don't seem to be in mourning. A remorseful Leela blames herself for Fry's death. After taking some space honey to calm herself down and help her sleep, Leela experiences a series of dreams in which Fry is alive, all of them ending with Fry telling her to "wake up" and Leela abruptly awakening. In one dream, Fry tells Leela that there is a gift in his locker; Leela finds it after she awakens. In another, Fry gives Leela his red jacket; Leela awakens to discover that she is wearing it, but it mysteriously turns into her own coat when she presents it to the others. Leela's insistence that Fry is alive leads the others to conclude that she is going insane; after experiencing further delusions while awake, Leela begins to suspect the same.

Right through the looking glass.
After awakening from a dream in which she attempts to retrieve Fry's corpse, Leela concludes that she is indeed insane. Wracked with guilt and loneliness, Leela resolves to consume enough space honey to fall asleep forever and be with Fry in her dreams, but a portrait of Fry begins to speak and implores her to stop. Fry's portrait tells Leela that he loves her and pleads with her to "wake up" one last time.

Leela awakens in the hospital to see a disheveled, crying Fry at her bedside begging her to wake up. Fry explains that the venom in the bee's sting was completely at the tip. While he recovered completely from the attack, Leela was injected with venom and fell into a coma for two weeks during which Fry stayed with her.

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