The Series Has Landed

Space Pilot 3000
The Series Has Landed
I, Roommate
The Series Has Landed
A view of Earth from the Lunar Lander.
Episode 2
Season 1
Written By Ken Keeler
Directed By Peter Avanzino
First Aired April 4, 1999

During The Series Has Landed we are familiarised with the planet express crew; Amy Wong, John A. Zoidberg, and Hermes Conrad whom remain main characters throughout the series.

[edit] Plot

Prior to their first job Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth decides on Leela as the Captain for the Delivery Crew. The new Planet Express Crew receives their first mission from Professor Farnsworth, a delivery to Lunar Park, an amusement park situated on The Moon. Fry is enthusiastic about the idea of going to the Moon, but is disappointed by the artificial nature of the place and by people only coming for the Park's attractions. Fry expressed his desires to see "The Real Moon", to which Leela shows Fry to a Ride in Lunar Park where they will be able to ride around on the surface of the Moon. Meanwhile, Amy soon discovers while exploring the Park, that the keys to the Spaceship have become mixed into the delivered create, which are emptied into a Prize-Claw arcade machine.

An aerial view of the ride and it's artificial nature.
During the Ride with Leela, Fry becomes increasingly fustrated by the facadé and decides to take the vehical off the designated track.After 10 minutes of driving around the surface Leela asks Fry to turn around, however before Fry does so they crash into a crater and begin to sink in the quick-sand. Quickly, Leela grabs Fry and the oxygen tank that they share and discharges it, propelling them out of the crater - but with little oxygen to spare. Just as they are about to run out of oxygen they come across a hydroponic farm in which they take refuge. The owner of the Farm agrees to let them stay and work off the oxygen that they're requesting, however this is short-lived as Bender was kicked out of the Amusement Park and also found the Farm, in which he made advances on the three robotic daughters of the Farmer; Lulubelle 7, Daisy-Mae 128K and The Crushinator. They are chased out of the Farm by the Farmer, who is armed with a Shotgun & chases them in The Crushinator by transforming into a vehicle. They manage to escape, but at a cost - the Lunar Rover's wheel has fallen off and are thus forced to travel by foot where-by they come across the original lunar landing site.

Inside the Lunar Lander Leela vents her fustration at Fry for getting them into this situation, to which Fry replies that it had always been his dream to come to the Moon and wished for Leela to see it through his eyes. Leela notices the reflection of Earth on Fry's helmet, and looks out of the Lunar Lander's window to which she finally realises the beauty of it.

Bender's narrow escape from The Crushinator's Father
Bender then appears on the horizon chased by the Farmer once more in a large machine though just before he is reached by the blades of the machinery, intern Amy wong driving the Planet Express Spaceship lowers a magnet and swiftly carries Bender out of the way then proceeds to grab the Lunar Lander with Fry and Leela in it towards Earth.
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