Space Pilot 3000

Space Pilot 3000
The Series Has Landed
Space Pilot 3000
Promotional poster for the episode.
Episode 1
Season 1
Written By David X. Cohen, Matt Groening
Directed By Rich Moore, Gregg Vanzo
First Aired March 28th, 1999

Space Pilot 3000 was the first episode of the Futurama series. It was written by David X. Cohen and Matt Groening, and directed by Rich Moore and Gregg Vanzo. The episode featured guess voice over’s from Dick Clark, and Leonard Nimoy. It aired on the 28th of March 1999, upon which it received positive reviews.

[edit] Plot

The episode starts with main character, Philip J. Fry working as a pizza delivery boy on New Years Eve 1999. He is tasked with delivering an order to a cryogenics lab for a Mr I. C. Wiener. Upon arriving at the lab, and realising the order to be, an at the time persumed, fake he sits by a window overlooking New York ready to see in the New Year. Whilst leaning back on his chair though, he falls and winds up being trapped inside a cryonic tube, where he is frozen until December 31st, 2999.

Once defrosted Fry is taken to be assigned a job, by Turanga Leela. Whilst he had hoped for a fresh start, it is deemed the perfect job for him is in fact his old one, a delivery boy. Deciding he doesn't want that life, he runs off before Leela can inject his career chip into him. Fry learns of a living relative, Hubert J. Farnsworth, and decides to track him down. It's during doing this that he runs into Bender Bending Rodríguez, a Bending unit that recently abandoned his job, and now seeks to commit suicide. Bender decides to help Fry in his quest, and escape from Leela, and the police. They eventually wind up under the city, in Old New York, where Fry remembers people and places from his past. He then becomes depressed upon realising that everything he knew has gone, and he is now all alone.

Whilst underground Leela catches up with Fry and Bender, and gets ready to give Fry his career chip. Before she does though she finds herself relating to Fry, as she too is alone, something which eventually leads her to quit her job and join with Fry and Bender. They eventually track down the Professor, finding out he is now the owner of an intergalactic delivery service. The police however are still in pursuit, but with the help of the Professor they escape in the Planet Express ship, flying into the New Year's fireworks. The Professor then hires Fry, Leela and Bender, and the episode ends with Fry celebrating his new job... As a delivery boy.

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