Seymour Asses

Seymour Asses
Seymour Asses as seen in Futurama
Gender Male
Spieces Dog
Planet Earth
First Appearance Jurassic Bark
Voiced By Frank Welker

Seymour was Phillip J. Fry's dog before he got himself frozen. In August 1997, Fry was prank called and was sent to deliver a pizza to Seymour Asses (see-more-asses) and opted to stay and eat the pizza himself when he realized it was all a hoax. The skinny dog approached him and begged for a piece, to which Fry happily obliged. The dog adopted Fry as his owner and began following him around and also took the name of the prank caller as his own. He lived around Panucci's Pizza, Fry's work place, and took up the role of the resident dog and food taster. Then it happened. 31 December, 1999. Seymour even dragged Fry's parents to Applied Cryogenics but they didn't notice Fry and dragged Seymour out. For the rest of his life he laid down on the sidewalk in front of Panucci's Pizza, waiting for Fry to come back.

In Bender's Big Score it was revealed that it was Bender who destroyed Panucci's Pizza and the fire fast-fossilized Seymour. It was later revealed that although Seymour did live outside of Panucci's Pizza for the rest of his life he was never alone. The time paradox duplicate of Fry, (Lars Fillmore) lived in the upstairs storage room and tended to him until he passed away. He was also seen in his fossilized state at Fry's funeral in The Sting.

[edit] Appearances

Jurassic Bark
The Sting
Bender's Big Score

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