Philip J. Fry, ll

Philip J. Fry, ll
Phillip J. Fry II.jpg
Philip J. Fry, ll as seen on Futurama
Gender Male
Spieces Human
Planet Earth
First Appearance The Luck of the Fryrish
Voiced By Lauren Tom

Philip J. Fry, ll is the son of Yancy Fry, Jr. and the nephew of Philip J. Fry. He's known around the world as the lead singer of band Leaf Seven and as the first man to walk on Mars. The first exposure Philip had to space was the picture Philip J. Fry drew, the very picture his father Yancy hung on the wall. Yancy had no idea his son was going to grow up to be one of the world's most famous men. A philanthropist and an entrepreneur, he struck oil in a mansion he won in the lottery which lead to his first act of fame. He even had a fling with super model Njörd as well as a string of top ten hits with his band. Without a doubt though, his great achievement ever was being the first man to ever walk on the planet Mars.

He was named after his Uncle, Fry, went missing. Yancy named his son after his lost brother to keep his spirit going, as seen on Philip J. Fry, ll's gravestone. In memory of his brother, Yancy gave his son the seven-leaf clover, thus meaning his Son entered the world with all the luck he needed to make a huge name for himself. Now deceased, he is resting in the Orbiting Meadows National Cemetery.


[edit] Confusion

Originally, before the time paradox issue in Bender's score, Philip J. Fry, ll would have never met his uncle but due to Lars Fillmore being around from 2000-2012, Philips life was rewritten thus different to how it was in The Luck of the Fryrish. As a results of Philip J. Fry, l returning Phillip J. Fry, ll either never received the seven-leaf clover or was handed it directly by his Uncle. With the original Fry never leaving he was named after his Uncle for different reasons due to Yancy obviously not missing Fry for going missing.

[edit] Family

[edit] Appearances

The Luck of the Fryrish
Bender's Big Score

[edit] Quotes

  • Bender: Philip J. Fry?
    Yancy Fry, Jr.: Phil, some kind of trash can here to see you. He's coming.
    Philip J. Fry ll: Are you made of Tinkertoy?
    Bender: Hmmm. It's been twelve years. Maybe I'm getting taller.
    Philip J. Fry II: You're not getting smarter.
    Bender: Listen, pipsqueak, are you Philip J. Fry or not? 'Cause if you are, I'm here to kill you.
    Philip J. Fry II: I'd like to see you try.
    [Bender pulls out the gun]
    Philip J. Fry II: You want Uncle Phil. He went to the North Pole on a fishing boat.
    Bender: Ahhhh! The North Pole? I was just there.
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