Philip J. Fry

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Philip J. Fry
Philip J. Fry as seen on Futurama
Gender Male
Spieces Human
Planet Earth
First Appearance Space Pilot 3000
Voiced By Billy West

Philip J. Fry is the protagonist of Futurama. He is normally called Fry amongst his peers. Fry works as a delivery boy at Planet Express and lives with his best friend, Bender Bending Rodríguez in his apartment. He was originally from the 20th century, but accidentally got frozen in a cryogenics machine until the 31st century. Fry is in love with Turanga Leela. He is also addicted to Slurm, and is great with video games. Fry also has no Delta brain wave due to him being his own grandfather, thus making him immune to mind attacks.


[edit] Personality

Fry is rather idiotic and clumsy. His stupidity is frequently made fun of by his coworkers. He is also quite immature and lazy. Fry is generally skilled at playing video games. He is good-natured and caring.

[edit] Family

[edit] Yancy Fry, Sr.

Yancy Fry, Sr. was Philip J. Fry's father. He was a tough-looking man who often talked about wars, had a bomb shelter, and worried about the Y2K bug.

[edit] Mrs. Fry

Mrs. Fry's name was not revealed. She was a neglectful mother who was constantly watching a sports game instead of paying attention to her family.

[edit] Yancy Fry

Yancy was Philip's older brother. Yancy was depicted as a mean brother to Philip. The two frequently fought, argued, and competed. Yancy must have loved his brother very much, though, because he named his son after Fry after he went missing.

[edit] Philip J. Fry II

Fry mistook Philip J. Fry II for his brother, Yancy, when in fact it turned out that this man was actually named after him, by his father Yancy.

[edit] Turanga Leela

Fry and Leela met when Fry was unfrozen from the cryogenics machine. Through Futurama's ten seasons, Fry has been trying to win Leela's heart through various ways and dates. By the end of the series, Fry and Leela were married.

[edit] Life In The 20th Century

[edit] Life In The 31st Century

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Turanga Leela

Leela is Fry's ultimate love and wife. Although he has had small relationships with other women, Fry generally loved Leela the most.

[edit] Amy Wong

Fry has been in a relationship with Amy a couple times. The first was on the Titanic, in a fake relationship so that Amy's parents would be satisfied. The second time was more realistic, but Fry eventually dumped her because he felt that Amy wasn't leaving him alone much at all.

[edit] Mildred Fry

After Fry kills who he thinks is his grandfather, Fry proceeds to sleep with Mildred, thinking she can't possibly be his grandmother if his grandfather was killed and he was still alive. However, Philip realizes he is his own grandfather. Mildred Fry became pregnant some time later with Yancy Fry, Philip J. Fry's dad.

[edit] Michelle

Michelle was Fry's girlfriend from the 20th century, who cheated on him and dumped him the day he was to be cryogenically frozen. Later, when Fry is working at Applied Cryogenics, the two are reunited when he discovers her frozen in one of the tubes. They begin dating again, only for Michelle to dump Fry again in favor of another guy.

[edit] Umbriel

[edit] Quotes

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