Mom's Sons

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Mom's Sons are the three cronies of the business mogul Mom. They do most of her dirty work, but will act on their own if they believe it is best for Mom. They include Walt, the oldest and Mom's second-in-command, Larry, the timid middle brother, and Igner, the dumbest and youngest of Mom's sons. Their fathers are unknown except for Igner, who was revealed to be Professor Farnsworth's illegitimate son in the movie Bender's Game.

As stated, her sons act as Mom's cronies, performing dastardly jobs in order to help Mom further succeed in business. An example of this would be in the episode "A Fishful of Dollars", when they set up a fake set similar to the pizza parlor Fry used to work at and using the head of Pamela Anderson in order to find out the pin number of his multi-billion dollar account, not for the money, but in order to purchase Fry's tin can of anchovies. These anchovies could be harnessed to make robot oil that would permanently lubricate robots, putting Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil out of business. However, they will act on their own command, like when they reunited her with her old flame, Professor Farnsworth, in order to stop a robot attack on humans in the episode "Mother's Day".

Mom constantly abuses her sons, either verbally by yelling at them and calling them obscenities, or by smacking all three of them at once, similar to The Three Stooges.

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