John A. Zoidberg

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John A. Zoidberg
John A. Zoidberg
Gender Male
Spieces Decapodian
Planet Earth (Formerly Decapod 10)
First Appearance The Series Has Landed
Voiced By Billy West

John A. Zoidberg, more commonly called Zoidberg, is a Decapodian who lives on Earth in a dumpster. He works at Planet Express as a doctor. He is usually terrible at his job, especially with human patients, and is very poor. Zoidberg can seemingly eat anything, even trash or other inedible objects. He is looked down upon and treated as scum by his coworkers and is infamous for his nasty stench. Zoidberg is often insulted and is sometimes called a crab or lobster instead of 'Decapodian'.


[edit] Personality

Zoidberg is a friendly, food-loving crab, who enjoys it when people pay attention to him. He cherishes his friends and is really a sweet and innocent guy. However, he is very lonely and quite gullible.

[edit] Relationships

Although Zoidberg usually has trouble finding anyone is attracted to him due to his financial problems and body odor, he has shown interest in a few people.

[edit] Marianne

Zoidberg meets Marianne when he goes to buy flowers for his date. He returns to her flower stand after being rejected by his date because of his smell. It is revealed that Marianne has no sense of smell, and the two being dating. Marianne, however, is unhappy about her missing sense of smell, and out of love, Zoidberg decides to give her a surgery so she can smell, even if it would mean she would smell Zoidberg's stench. In the end, though, Marianne still loves Zoidberg because she was never able to tell the difference between a bad or a good smell.

[edit] Edna

Zoidberg falls in love for this fellow Decapodian when he visits his home planet again to find a mate. Edna, however, is not interested, and instead she falls in love with Philip J. Fry. Later, when the mating 'frenzy' begins, though, Edna ends up with the Decapodian Emperor and dies, as part of the Decapodian mating process.

[edit] The Hip Joint Lobster

Zoidberg is seen with a lobster from The Hip Joint. This lobster is not seen again.

[edit] Quotes

"Woop woop woop woop woop woop!"

"You don't want to end up old and lonely... like ZOIDBERG!" *cries*

"Your music is bad, and you should feel bad!"

"The president is gagging at my gas bladder! What an honor!"

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