Bender Bending Rodríguez

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Bender Bending Rodríguez
"Bite my shiny metal ass!"
Gender Male
Spieces Robot
Planet Earth
First Appearance Space Pilot 3000
Voiced By John DiMaggio

Bender Bending Rodríguez, or more commonly called Bender, is a foulmouthed robot designed for bending and built in Mexico. Bender requires alcohol to function, while not drinking enough will cause him to enter a drunken state. Bender is a kleptomaniac and can often be seen pickpocketing people and stealing their wallets, as well as smoking a cigar or hitting on fembots. He works at Planet Express and lives in Robot Arms Apartments with his human roommate and best friend, Philip J. Fry. Bender has been seen to have several features, including a 'compartment of mysteries' which seems to hold an endless amount of items. He also has extendable arms.


[edit] Personality

Bender thinks very highly of himself, often saying variations of "Bender is great!". He loves getting attention. Bender is very inconsiderate and insensitive to his peers. However, even though he seems like a heartless jerk, he often does come in for his friends in the end. Bender is fond of cooking, despite his lack of the sense of taste, and most of the time, his cooking is inedible. He also secretly wishes to be a folk singer, and magnets cause him to act/sing like one.

[edit] Relationships

Bender has had many relationships with other robots, including hookers. These are the more major fembots Bender has had relationships with:

[edit] Bev

Bev came in as the Planet Express's new beverage vending machine, which is how Bender met her. They frequently argued and fought, but Bev and Bender produced a son which Bender named Ben. The two are not together however, as Bev left Bender and her job at Planet Express, coming back only to claim Ben.

[edit] Countess de la Roca

Bender and the rich Countess met on the Titanic. The two are separated when a black hole sucks up the Countess.

[edit] Femputer's Operator

In an attempt to help save Fry, Zapp, and Kif from their punishment on Amazonia, Bender goes to the supposedly all-knowing Femputer, only to find it is operated by a fembot. The two engage in a short sexual relationship where they make out, but the relationship does not go any farther.

[edit] The Crushinator

Bender met the Crushinator on Earth's moon. Their relationship isn't explored much.

[edit] Angelyne

Bender met the Angelyne while working at a bending factory. The two broke up when Bender's scheme to see if Angelyne actually liked Flexo instead of him backfired, and Angelyne realized she really did love Flexo.

[edit] Quotes

"Bite my shiny metal ass!"

"Bender is great!"

"Kill all humans!"

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