All My Circuits

All My Circuits is a soap-oprea that is featured within the show. The Planet Express crew have had numerous dealings with the show, and it's characters. The show itself is mainly made up of Robot actors, with a single token human actor.

[edit] Cast

Calculon: The main character of the show.

Monique: Is Calculon's main love interest in the show, who eventually becomes his wife. Although she has had affairs with numerous characters, including Calculon's half-brother, Boxy.

Human Friend: Is the only human in the show, and plays Calculon's best friend.

Boxy: The evil half-brother of Calculon.

Antonio Calculon, Jr.: Is the son of Calculon and Monique. At one point he is set to reveal that Calculon is not actually his father, but the robot actor playing him mailfunctions before he can deliver the news.

Bender Bending Rodríguez: Bender came into the show to replace Antonio Calculon, Jr., however instead of following the directors instructions he proceeded to cause chaos on the show. Something which the fans, and network bots loved. Bender continued to run riot ont he show, until eventually realising the impact his actions were having on people, leading him to quit the show.

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