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A Bicyclops Built for TwoA Big Piece of GarbageA Clone of My Own
A Fishful of DollarsA Flight to RememberA Head in the Polls
Abraham LincolnbotAl GoreAll My Circuits
Amazon Women in the MoodAmy WongAnthology of Interest I
Antonio Calculon, Jr.Barbados Slim
Bender Bending RodríguezBender Gets MadeBendless Love
Brannigan, Begin AgainBubblegum TateCalculon
CharactersClampsComrade Greeting Card
Cubert FarnsworthElzarFatbot
Fear of Bot PlanetFlexoFry and the Slurm Factory
FuturamaFuturama: Bender's Big ScoreFuturama: Bender's Game
Futurama: Into the Wild Green YonderFuturama: The Beast With A Billion BacksHedonismbot
Hell Is Other RobotsHermes ConradHow Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
Hubert J. FarnsworthHyperchickenHypnotoad
I, RoommateI Second That EmotionInez Wong
Joey MousepadJohn A. ZoidbergKif Kroker
KwanzaabotLars FillmoreLeo Wong
Love's Labours Lost In SpaceLrrrMacaulay Culckon
Main PageMalfunctioning EddieMars University
MomMom's SonsMorbo the Annihillator
Mother's DayMy Three SunsNdnd
NibblerOgden WernstromParasites Lost
PazuzuPhilip J. FryPhilip J. Fry, ll
Put Your Head on My ShouldersRaging Bender
Reverend Lionel PreacherbotRichard Nixon's HeadRoberto
Robot DevilRobot SantaSal
ScruffySeason FiveSeason Four
Season OneSeason SevenSeason Six
Season ThreeSeason TwoSeymour Asses
SmittySpace Pilot 3000Steve Castle
The CrushinatorThe Cryonic WomanThe Day the Earth Stood Stupid
The Deep SouthThe HonkingThe Lesser of Two Evils
The Problem with PopplersThe Series Has LandedThe Sting
Tinny TimTuranga LeelaTuranga Morris
Turanga MundaURLWar Is the H-Word
When Aliens AttackWhy Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?Xmas Story
Yancy Fry, Jr.Ye BootYivo
Zapp Brannigan